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The power of story telling: A blog for Time to Change on NHS Change Day

I’m interrupting the promised flow of my recovery story to write a piece for a really important campaign. It’s being led by Lisa Rodrigues, a former chief executive within the NHS, and it’s all about challenging the mental health stigma … Continue reading

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Postpartum Psychosis – the long and winding road to recovery

It’s taken me a while to get onto writing this second post about my ongoing journey through postpartum psychosis. I think that’s partly because the recovery phase was the most painful for me. In those early weeks my uncontrollable emotions were projected outwards as … Continue reading

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Manic Mummy – my descent into postpartum psychosis

So, why am I here writing my first ever blog post? The crux of it is that 10 years ago I suffered from postpartum psychosis, then 6 years ago I suffered from postnatal depression, and until recently I haven’t shared my experiences … Continue reading

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